Wednesday, October 10, 2012

~ Ready Made for SALE! ~

Hi all, check out all of my ready made items available for SALE. 

Morning Glory Beanie
red & yellow - Newborn, Red & dark green - 3mo+
purple & white- 6mo+, cyan blue & brown - 4yrs +
Price - RM15 (each)

Mickey cable Beanie
Color Beige & off white
fit for 1yrs old +
Price - Rm16

Crochet flower beanie & boots
Fit 3 months above
Price - RM 28

crochet cable beanie & booties
Color cyan blue, light blue & white
Fit for Newborn
Price - RM 28.00

Knitted Tassels Hat
Fit for Newborn
Color Beige & Dark Grey
Price - RM 16

Braided Beanie
Fit for 3 months and above
color soft yellow & dark brown
Price - RM 16.00

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

.: Morning Glory Hat Pattern for SALE :.

Yeay! Finally my third pattern available for SALE. This hat has been a joy to make and so easy to work since it use only simple stitch i.e: sc, hdc, & dc. Pattern can be classified as beginner. The crochet pattern includes sizes from newborn to women. It is written in Standard American Terms and worked using 4mm hook. You will also need a light fingering yarn and a stitch markers.

Please do not resell the pattern itself or pass it on to others. You can make it for yourself or as a gift. If you sell items made from my pattern please do give my blog credit. All my designs are protected by copyright.

~ Morning Glory Hat Pattern Only ~
USD 3.95 Add to Cart

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 Giveaway

Blogwalking pepagi buta nih sekali baru perasaan Amani from Crochet.Is.Fun ader buat GA. So tanpa segan silu aku join ler sama....lgpon GA ni lambat lg nak ending, 27/10/2012 baru berakhir. 

Join for fun jer...dapat atau tidak lain cerita. So kepada crocheter yg berminat nk join boleh tgk kat sini yer .

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hand Dyed Wool Yarns

I bought this yarn from e-bay about three weeks ago, so after a looong wait finally its arrived. Haven't decide what i am going to do with this yarn yet, but i guest a vest or sweater is suitable since the materials is wool. Each yarn weight about 100g and each color come in three hanks. This yarn is slightly felting similar to a few yarn i bought at Daiso, but still i like the color selection. :))

love the color ;)))

Sunday, May 27, 2012

What a busy Month!!

This is what happen when you got so many things to do and so little time to spend. I supposed to finish my husband raglan sweater this month and my daughter granny square. But instead of working on both project i wrote out a new 'Kufi Hat Pattern'. Well the pattern quite simple and easy and currently i'm still running a  test in Ravelry. Once its finished being tested i'm going to put it up for sale probably on June.

My Simple and easy Kufi Hat
 Now here come the busy part. I'm running a test pattern in Ravelry, got raglan sweater to knit,granny squares to crochet and i even volunteer to test other designers pattern at the same time. Phewww!! To add to the busy list last week a customer ask me to knit an adult size vest and at the same time i'm working on a new beanie pattern which i manage to wrote out only two sizes newborn and baby.  I am going to add two more sizes toddler and child but before that i need to concentrate working on  the vest.

New beanie ...pattern in the making :)

But don't be surprise if next month i add another new pattern in my thing-to-do list. To be honest i even have a flower pattern in my head and if only i can squeeze some time to write it out.

Thanks for reading everyone!!

~Asma Lina ~ The Color of Yarns

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crossed Cable Tutorial

I notice a few crocheter having trouble with my pattern Simple Cable Beanie, especially when it came to rnd-4 (where the Crossed Cable start). So i did this tutorials and hope it can help you to understand the pattern better. :)

For the 'crossed cable' i use in the pattern is worked by chain 1, skip one stitch, making front post stitch, chain 1,  then going back and make front post stitch around skipped stitch.

Step 1 - ch1, skip first st/dc, fpdc in next stitch.

Step 2 - ch1, fpdc in previously skipped stitch

That its, one Crossed cable made. Yeay!! 

 There's another tutorial you can refer in Crochet Spot for better explanation and clearer pictures. But in that tutorials the Crossed cable are made by using 4 stitches and fptc (front post treble crochet) technique.

Happy crocheting friends !!!!

~Asma Lina ~The Color of Yarns ~

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I've been Doing Lately

While waiting for my testers to finish their testing, this is what I've been doing lately; a granny square and a shawls . The shawl pattern is been request by a friend of mine, and currently i am working on it. Even though  i'm not sure when i will finish writing the pattern, since it quite difficult compare to the beanie/hat pattern but i won't give up. I manage to write up to row-30 and i will continue to write a few more rows. 

The granny square is what i love the most, its simple and easy to do. I gonna make a few more of  this square and joined them later. Will snap a photo once its finish!! ;)

Happy crocheting friends !!

~Asma Lina ~ The Color of Yarns~

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Pattern Testers Needed

I just finish wrote out my Cable Beanie pattern and need a tester. I need to ensure that my pattern are easy to understand, so currently i'm looking for at least 3 crocheter to test the pattern. This Cable Beanie are totally different with my other Simple Cable Beanie (which someone had told me its not simple enough ), and i am  not recommend it for a beginner crocheter. 

So if you are interested to be my tester, just leave me your email address or you can email me at . Remember you are not allowed to sell the pattern , but you can sell the finished products made from it. 

~AsmaLina~ The Color of Yarns~

Saturday, April 7, 2012

FREE PATTERN: Simple Cable Beanie - Pattern 1


Materials : 2.00mm crochet hook
 Yarns of your choice (I’m using fingering/4-ply acrylic yarn -soft pink ) & ribbon
Apprx finish dimension - 13" x 5"

ch - chain
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
fpdc - front post double crochet
bpdc - back post double crochet
st/sts - stitch/stitches
sp - space


Make  a Magic ring
Rnd 1 - ch2(count as 1st hdc),15hdc into the ring.Join
Rnd 2 - ch4, dc in next st, (*ch1, 1dc) in next sts, repeat step *, end with ch1 join into 3rd ch from ch4.
Rnd 3 - ch3, dc in same st, (*skip ch1 sp , ch1, 2dc on next dc) rpt step from*.Join
Rnd 4 - ch3, 2dc in next st, skip ch1 sp (work crossed cable *ch1,skip first dc, fpdc on next dc,ch1, fpdc on previously  skipped st,ch1, dc in next dc,2dc in next st ) repeat step *. Join
Rnd 5 - ch3, dc in next 2dc, skip ch1 sp (*ch2,fpdc in fpdc, ch1, fpdc in  fpdc, ch2, dc in next 3dc) rpt step * .Join
Rnd 6 - ch3, dc in next dc,2dc in next st, skip ch2 sp (*ch2,skip the first fpdc, fpdc in next fpdc,ch1,fpdc in previous skipped st,ch2, dc in next 2dc, 2dc in next st) rpt step *.Join
Rnd 7- ch3, dc in next 3dc, skip ch2 sp (*ch2, fpdc in fpdc,ch1,fpdc in fpdc,ch2, dc in each 4dc) repeat step *.Join
Rnd 8 – ch3, dc in each 3dc, skip ch2 sp (*ch2, skip the first fpdc,fpdc in next fpdc,ch1,fpdc in previous skipped st,ch2,dc in each 4dc) repeat step *.Join
Rnd 9 and 11 – Repeat step from Rnd 7
Rnd 10 – Repeat step from Rnd 8
Rnd 12 - ch3, dc around, make 2dc in ch2 sp.Join
Rnd 13 - ch1, make 1fpdc from prvs ch3,(*bpdc in next st, fpdc in next st) rpt step *.Join
Rnd 14 - ch1, sc around.Join
Fasten off and weave in ends. Add ribbon at row 11.

*Original design by AsmaLina. For your personal use only. You can make and gift or sell the finished product. You cannot post these pattern or redistribute in any way.

~Asma Lina~ The Color of Yarns~

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Crochet Simple Cable Beanie

I've made this beanie last month but never got a chance to post it here. It just a simple pattern and i made it for my cousin newborn daughter DHIA (hope she like it).Will try to write the pattern soon, but currently i'm busy with my customers order. So be patience friends!! 

~AsmaLina ~ The Color of Yarns~

Friday, March 23, 2012

FREE Pattern : Crochet Hat with Ruffles Brim

I've made this hat last year for my daughter inspired from another crocheter Stitch of Love. This is my first ever written down pattern and its took me almost a month since my English is no good at all :-)). So feel free to tell me if there's any mistake, or even if you are having difficulties to understand my pattern.

the color of yarns

Crochet Hat with Ruffle Brim

Abbreviations :-

ch - chain
slst - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
fpdc - front post double crochet
beg - beginning
sp - space
st - stitches

With crochet hook (1.75mm) and some acrylic (or any kind of yarn), make a Magic ring circle

Top Hat :
Round 1 - ch3 (count as first dc) make 15dc in loop, join with slst to the beg ch (16dc)
Round 2 - ch4, dc in first dc, then (*ch1, 1dc in next dc)  rpt from *, end with ch1 join with slst to 3rd ch from ch4 (16dc, 16ch)
Round 3 - slst into ch1 sp - ch3,1dc in same sp. Next ch1 sp make (*ch1,2dc) repeat from *, end with ch1. Join (32dc, 16ch)
Round 4 -slst into ch1 sp - ch3,1dc in same sp. In next ch1 sp make (*ch2,2dc)  rpt from *, end with ch2 .Join ( 32dc, 32ch)
Round 5 -slst into ch2 sp  - ch3,2dc in same sp. In next ch2 sp make (*ch2,3dc ) rpt from *, end with ch2. Join (48dc,32ch)
Round 6 - slst into ch2 sp - ch3,2dc in same sp. In next ch2 sp make (*ch3, 3dc) rpt from *, end with ch3. Join (48dc,48ch)

Begin Shell pattern:
*slst until u reach ch3 sp.
Round 1 -   ch3,1dc,ch1,2dc in same sp. In next ch3 sp make (*2dc, ch1, 2dc - form a shell) rpt from *. Join (16 shells)
Round 2 -  ch1 and make 1Front Post Double Crochet (1fpdc)  from prvs ch3. In ch1 sp make 2dc,ch1,2dc. Next make (*1fpdc frm the 1st dc and 2dc,ch1,2dc in ch1 sp) rpt from*. Join  (16shells , 16fpdc)
Round 3 -  ch1 and make (*1fpdc frm prvs fpdc and 2dc, ch1, 2dc in ch1 sp) rpt from*. Join (16 shells, 16fpdc)
Round 4 - repeat step from Round 3 
Round 5 - ch3, make 1dc in each dc and fpdc, skip dc in ch1 sp. Join
Round 6 - sc around, join with slst at beginning st.

Ruffles Brim:
Round 7 - ch3 ( ch4 or 5 for bigger ruffle)  make (*3dc in first st, and 2dc in the next 2sts) rpt from *. Join
Round 8 - slst or sc all around the brim. Fasten off and weave in end.

For layered flower pattern go to this link : Flower Pattern

the color of yarns

Happy Crocheting friends !!! 

~Asma Lina~~ The Color of Yarns ~~

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Another GA to join....lately nih nanny dah mcm addicted dgn GA ..asal ader jer mesti rasa nak join ....mudah-mudahan la kali ni dapat hadiah hehehe :)).....buat kengkawan semua yg minat nk join boleh klik link di bawah nih :-

Good Luck !!!! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Another Knitted Vest

Nih kira vest pertama yg nanny buat dgn teknik knit in xder jahit2 kat bhgn badan, cuma jahit skit kat bahu, then siapkn edging utk neck and armhole. Disebabkn x pyh jahit maka cepat ler siap vest nih 2 minggu jer dah ready. Biasanya kalo buat vest smpai sebulan lebih baru boleh siap sepenuhnya. 

Part yang nanny suker masa buat vest nih kat bhgn tgh tuh.....nanny letak skit pattern2 bunga, supaya vest nih x ketara sgt ler belang2nyer hehehe. Utk vest kali nih mcm biasa la nanny guna benang dari daiso, sbb kat situ jer yg paling senang n dekat dgn rumah nanny,  guna plak lebih kurang 9 buku benang. 

That's all for today....ada lg 2 3 tempahan nanny nak kena siapkn...then nak siapkn baju anak . 

Happy knitting frenz !!! 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yarns For Sale - Cotton Bali

Yarns For Sale

Salam semua crocheter & knitter friends...currently i have 5 skeins of Cotton Bali Yarn nak let go.....kalo ader sesiapa yg berminat boleh comment dan tgglkn ur email address k. 

Berat : 80g (1 glg)
Material : Cotton 
Crochet needle : 2mm / Knitting  needle : 3.5mm
Warna : Biru Muda, Coklat, Pink Gelap, Krim, Dark Gray

Harga : RM 12.50 (each skeins)


(sekiranya anda berminat dgn benang katun bali ini, bolehlah membuat tempahan dgn sy)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

First Time Join Contest :-)

Dalam kesibukan nanny menyiapkan tempahan vest sempat lg join contest. Baby Booties & Hat contest yg dianjurkn oleh BenangKait.Com menarik minat nanny heheh...nak kata pandai sgt mengait topi tuh idak saja2 join .....kalo x menang hadiah pon at least dapat jugak menambah kenalan yg mempunyai minat yg sama :-)

ni la hasil kaitan nanny...simple2 jerk

knitted booties

ni pulak photo utk contest tuh...syaratnyer kena letak gmbar :-)
Hadiah yg ditawarkan agak menarik juga 5 skeins - Alize Bebe Batik Sekerim Yarns.... Rasanya kalo ada rakan2 blogger yg nak join silakan la....contest nih akan berakhir on 3/3/ still ada masa lg nk kait something special kan???....Happy crocheting everyone !!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jalan-JalAn Cari MakaN

Sedar x sedar dah sebulan lebih nanny x posting kat blog nih....nak kater bz sesgt idak ler jugak. Rasanya otak Nanny yg berkarat nih dah buntu aper yg nk ditulis kat sini.

Hari ni nanny berada di Johor Bahru....dah 3 hari disini ...ikut husband outstation.....first time smpai sini....seronok sgt smpai rasa mcm xnak balik. Yang paling nanny suker mknan kat sini semuanya sedap dan murah. Hari pertama smpai husband bwk g mkn di Bandar Baru Uda, Restoran Angah D&C ....chicken chop kat situ mmg 'fofular' RM 5 jer......sos 'black pepper' dier pon sedap.

Second day husband bwk g jejln di Danga Bay.....cantik tempat tuh tp x ramai org.....maybe sbb bukan mlm minggu so kedai2 and taman permainan kat situ nmpak kosong jer....lepas penat merayau husband bwk lak g mkn kt satu kedai nih.....rasanya kedai nih x la popular sgt husband yg bersungguh2 nk kami g mkn saner, so nanny ikut jerla.....sampai jer sana terus husband order Kuey Teow Kungfu Seafood....sedap gak kueyteow tuh dan yg bestnyer ader byk sgt 'mussel' nih.....smpai penuh pinggan....harga dier pon berbaloi.

Malam nih pulak husband ajak g jln2 kat The Zon......x pasti ler aper yg best kat saner...nanny nih main ikut jer....yg penting dapat merayau and makanan yg sedap2 ;)......rasanya lama nanny kat sini bertambah la berat badan nanny huhu

Out now....nak gerak g jln2 lagi..