Friday, March 23, 2012

FREE Pattern : Crochet Hat with Ruffles Brim

I've made this hat last year for my daughter inspired from another crocheter Stitch of Love. This is my first ever written down pattern and its took me almost a month since my English is no good at all :-)). So feel free to tell me if there's any mistake, or even if you are having difficulties to understand my pattern.

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Crochet Hat with Ruffle Brim

Abbreviations :-

ch - chain
slst - slip stitch
sc - single crochet
dc - double crochet
fpdc - front post double crochet
beg - beginning
sp - space
st - stitches

With crochet hook (1.75mm) and some acrylic (or any kind of yarn), make a Magic ring circle

Top Hat :
Round 1 - ch3 (count as first dc) make 15dc in loop, join with slst to the beg ch (16dc)
Round 2 - ch4, dc in first dc, then (*ch1, 1dc in next dc)  rpt from *, end with ch1 join with slst to 3rd ch from ch4 (16dc, 16ch)
Round 3 - slst into ch1 sp - ch3,1dc in same sp. Next ch1 sp make (*ch1,2dc) repeat from *, end with ch1. Join (32dc, 16ch)
Round 4 -slst into ch1 sp - ch3,1dc in same sp. In next ch1 sp make (*ch2,2dc)  rpt from *, end with ch2 .Join ( 32dc, 32ch)
Round 5 -slst into ch2 sp  - ch3,2dc in same sp. In next ch2 sp make (*ch2,3dc ) rpt from *, end with ch2. Join (48dc,32ch)
Round 6 - slst into ch2 sp - ch3,2dc in same sp. In next ch2 sp make (*ch3, 3dc) rpt from *, end with ch3. Join (48dc,48ch)

Begin Shell pattern:
*slst until u reach ch3 sp.
Round 1 -   ch3,1dc,ch1,2dc in same sp. In next ch3 sp make (*2dc, ch1, 2dc - form a shell) rpt from *. Join (16 shells)
Round 2 -  ch1 and make 1Front Post Double Crochet (1fpdc)  from prvs ch3. In ch1 sp make 2dc,ch1,2dc. Next make (*1fpdc frm the 1st dc and 2dc,ch1,2dc in ch1 sp) rpt from*. Join  (16shells , 16fpdc)
Round 3 -  ch1 and make (*1fpdc frm prvs fpdc and 2dc, ch1, 2dc in ch1 sp) rpt from*. Join (16 shells, 16fpdc)
Round 4 - repeat step from Round 3 
Round 5 - ch3, make 1dc in each dc and fpdc, skip dc in ch1 sp. Join
Round 6 - sc around, join with slst at beginning st.

Ruffles Brim:
Round 7 - ch3 ( ch4 or 5 for bigger ruffle)  make (*3dc in first st, and 2dc in the next 2sts) rpt from *. Join
Round 8 - slst or sc all around the brim. Fasten off and weave in end.

For layered flower pattern go to this link : Flower Pattern

the color of yarns

Happy Crocheting friends !!! 

~Asma Lina~~ The Color of Yarns ~~


  1. wah Nanny..tq..for sharing..

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  4. kak asma, yang nie pun saya cuba buat tapi sampai begin shell pattern rnd 2 dah tak paham nak wat mcm mana..huhu harap akak dapat membantu..klu siap nie best ni..