Sunday, May 27, 2012

What a busy Month!!

This is what happen when you got so many things to do and so little time to spend. I supposed to finish my husband raglan sweater this month and my daughter granny square. But instead of working on both project i wrote out a new 'Kufi Hat Pattern'. Well the pattern quite simple and easy and currently i'm still running a  test in Ravelry. Once its finished being tested i'm going to put it up for sale probably on June.

My Simple and easy Kufi Hat
 Now here come the busy part. I'm running a test pattern in Ravelry, got raglan sweater to knit,granny squares to crochet and i even volunteer to test other designers pattern at the same time. Phewww!! To add to the busy list last week a customer ask me to knit an adult size vest and at the same time i'm working on a new beanie pattern which i manage to wrote out only two sizes newborn and baby.  I am going to add two more sizes toddler and child but before that i need to concentrate working on  the vest.

New beanie ...pattern in the making :)

But don't be surprise if next month i add another new pattern in my thing-to-do list. To be honest i even have a flower pattern in my head and if only i can squeeze some time to write it out.

Thanks for reading everyone!!

~Asma Lina ~ The Color of Yarns