Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Crossed Cable Tutorial

I notice a few crocheter having trouble with my pattern Simple Cable Beanie, especially when it came to rnd-4 (where the Crossed Cable start). So i did this tutorials and hope it can help you to understand the pattern better. :)

For the 'crossed cable' i use in the pattern is worked by chain 1, skip one stitch, making front post stitch, chain 1,  then going back and make front post stitch around skipped stitch.

Step 1 - ch1, skip first st/dc, fpdc in next stitch.

Step 2 - ch1, fpdc in previously skipped stitch

That its, one Crossed cable made. Yeay!! 

 There's another tutorial you can refer in Crochet Spot for better explanation and clearer pictures. But in that tutorials the Crossed cable are made by using 4 stitches and fptc (front post treble crochet) technique.

Happy crocheting friends !!!!

~Asma Lina ~The Color of Yarns ~

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  1. terima kasih kak. tadi ms lunch dah cuba..balik nie nak kena cuba siapkan nie..heheheh