Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I've been Doing Lately

While waiting for my testers to finish their testing, this is what I've been doing lately; a granny square and a shawls . The shawl pattern is been request by a friend of mine, and currently i am working on it. Even though  i'm not sure when i will finish writing the pattern, since it quite difficult compare to the beanie/hat pattern but i won't give up. I manage to write up to row-30 and i will continue to write a few more rows. 

The granny square is what i love the most, its simple and easy to do. I gonna make a few more of  this square and joined them later. Will snap a photo once its finish!! ;)

Happy crocheting friends !!

~Asma Lina ~ The Color of Yarns~

1 comment:

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